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Saharna & Tipova monasteries

Tour duration: Full day
from/per person 81.00


Saharna & Tipova monasteries tour includes:

  • Transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • Visiting Saharna monastery
  • Visiting Tipova monastery

See below more details about the itinerary points included in this tour.


Tipova Monastery

Located in the village with the same name, the monastery Tipova is one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova. The monastery is carved in stone on a bank of the Nistru river.

According to an old legend, the great lord Stefan cel Mare married one of his wives in the Tipova monastery. She is also buried there. Another legand says that the Greek mythological poet Orpheus died at Tipova Monastery. He was buried in the cascade valley. It is easy to recognize his grave, as there are six aperture slabs on it.

Besides the cave monastery, the area also has beautiful nature. The hills around the monastery are covered with forests where you find many narrow paths. It is also near the Nistru River and a small tributary, Tipova, which forms some waterfalls.

Saharna monastery

The Saharna Monastery is a monastery in Saharna village, Moldova.

The "Holy Trinity" Monastery of Saharna, situated about 110 km north of Chișinău, on the right side of the Nistru River, is considered to be one of the biggest centres for religious pilgrimages in Moldova. Here can be found the unique relicts of St. Cuvios Macarie, and on the top of the high cliff, according to a legend, there is a footprint of St. Maria. The legend says that a monk from the monastery once saw the shining figure of Saint Maria on the top of a rock. When reaching that spot the monk saw a mark of a footstep on the ground.