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Old Orhei & Curchi monastery tour

Tour duration: Full day
from/per person 73.00


Old Orhei & Curchi monastery tour includes:

  • Transportation
  • English speaking guide
  • Curchi monastery tour
  • Old Orhei monastery in cave tour

See below more details about the itinerary points included in this tour.


Old Orhei

Old Orhei is a historical and archaeological complex, located in Trebujeni, at 60 kilometres north-east of Chişinău, on the Răut River, in Moldova.
The ancient city Old Orhei is a unique natural and historical complex in the open air. It organically combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. As a result of enormous archeological excavations here there were discovered the cultural layers of different epochs such as - the Paleolithic, Eneolithic, and Iron Age.
Old Orhei contains traces of different civilizations, including the rests of earthen and wooden fortresses of Geto-Dacian fortress (6th-1st centuries. BC. Oe.), Golden Horde fort Shehr al-Jedid (or Yangi-Shehr) (14th century.), Moldavian fort (14th-16th centuries), Orthodox monasteries (c 14th century.), and the Moldavian town Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) (14th-16th centuries).

Curchi monastery

Curchi Monastery is one of the most important architectural monuments of Bessarabia, and it is also considered to be one of the most beautiful and famous monasteries of the region. Located in Orhei forest near Curchi village, the monastery is about 15 km southwest of the town of Orhei. The monastery is situated in the Vatici valley on a bank of the Vatic River between rich hills covered with forests, gardens and orchards. The monastery is a real gem, offering silence and peace.
The monastery has a rich religious and cultural past spanning more than two centuries. It was founded in 1773-1775 and became one of the richest, most beautiful, and largest monasteries in Moldova.